We had a wonderful day in “Family Fun” activity with our 2nd grader students . They made delicious fruit salads with their families. At the end of the event, they had them with their parents and presented the process of their salads in English. They learned how to work in a team and spoke English all day long. We enjoyed a lot. 🍎🍊🍐😍❤️

For 3rd graders we had “Lip Reading” and “Spelling Bee”event. In “Lip Reading” activity, the students and families tried to find the word while listening loud music. We had funny moments while they were guessing the words ☺️ After “Lip Reading” workshop, the students started to “Spelling Bee” workshop. They spelled the words that are given them by the teacher. They had fun with their parents and also improved their spelling skills. 🐝🎤🎧🎼

For 4th graders, we had a “Movie Day”. Our students and their parents watched a short animated movie together by eating popcorn🍿 just like they do at the cinema.🎬 After the movie, the students made a movie poster and they talked about the movie by presenting their posters. We all had fun and our students also improved their speaking skills 🥰